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Exchange Transfusions

by Topaz Eyes

Rating: PG
Characters: House, Amber, Wilson
Pairing: Amber/Wilson, House/Wilson
Summary: Five days ago he'd undergone deep brain stimulation for Wilson. Now he owed this to her.
Words: 722
Disclaimer: Owned by David Shore et al. Sadly I am neither et nor al.
Notes: Written for the Rewriting History Comment Fic meme at [info]fictorium, for the prompt House, Amber: Amber doesn't die in Wilson's Heart. Special acknowledgment to the "Wilson's Heart" episode discussion at Polite Dissent.

Fic is here: He owed this to her.
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Hi y'all!  Last night my daughters Meagan (15) and Emily (13) went out for a late supper at Montana's and as we were waiting for our food we were kidding around and I acted like a teenager for the first time since I was a teen!  It was fun, and heaven knows I need fun right about now!  At Montana's they have paper tablecloths and they give you crayons (whether there are kids with you or not) so you can doodle as you wait.  I told my girls that I wanted to write a fun House fic but I didn't know what to base it on.  So they started brainstorming for me on the tablecloth, which was cool!  Usually they think I'm lame for being such a die hard House fan!

The challenge is the main character must be House.  They told me to use at least five of the following prompts to write a fun, not shipping fic based anytime post season six but with no other particular spoilery elements.

See prompts and more here:


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