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Location:Princeton, New Jersey, United States of America
Website:Housefic on Livejournal
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Community description:Posting, linking to, and discussing fanfiction for House, MD
Welcome to [community profile] housefic on Dreamwidth. On livejournal, the original comm [ profile] housefic is only a click away. Your friendly neighbourhood mod is [personal profile] zulu. Feel free to ask questions, demand satisfaction, and provoke duels of honour.

This community is for fic posts, fic recs, fic discussion posts, and fic head-bashing-against-the-wall-because-the-characters-won't-behave posts. Here at [community profile] housefic, we accept all pairings, all ratings, all genres, all crossovers, and yes, dare I say it, even RPF or RPS.

Given that, here's a basic code of conduct, just like your momma taught you before letting you loose on the internet.

1. All fic and longer posts should be cut for length.

2. All fic should have appropriate headers. That means let the community know if you think you're going to squick or spoil them. The details are your responsibility. Please, think of the easily squicked! They think of you, and are kind of grossed out. Think of the spoiler-phobes! They think of you, and then wish the surprise hadn't been ruined.

3. A basic tag system is in place in the following format: genre: (gen, het, girlslash, boyslash); rating: (g, pg, r, nc17); wordcount: (drabble, under 1000, under 5000, under 10 000, under 20 000, under 50 000); pairing: (house/wilson, house/cuddy, house/cameron, house/foreman, etc.). Other tags, such as genre: crossover or genre: au are also available. If more tags are necessary (for instance, if I've missed a pairing), please let me know and it will be added.

4. All readers should READ THE HEADERS. Caveat lector. Remember, the scroll bar and the backbutton exist for your protection. Use them!

5. All discussion posts should cut for spoilers.

6. All fic posted here is considered publicly published. There is a possibility that concrit will be offered. Concrit != flames.

7. Those failing in their regularly scheduled upkeep of "general politeness" and "common sense" shall be regarded with disdain.



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